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We have approached many themes in our blog as Richness of the Pastors, Apocalypse, Sex with women [according to the bible] and others. Our last article posted in December 2010 was “The adulterers of the Bible.” Now, beginning one more year against the legends, myths, lies and atrocities recounted in the Bible, I present you our new article:“Pedophiles of the Bible!”


Pedophilia (also called paedophilia erotica or pedosexuality) is a sexual perversion in which sexual attraction of an adult or adolescent is directed primarily to prepubescent children (i.e. before the age at which a child enters puberty) or for children in early puberty. The word pedophilia comes from the Greek παιδοφιλια (paidophil) where παις (parent, “child “)  and φιλια (philia, “friendship, ” “affinity, “”love”, “affection”, “attraction”, “attraction or pathological affinity” or “pathological tendency, “according to the dictionary). [Wikipedia]

Senator Magno Malta has developed a good job in combating child abuse across the country. Evangelical, he demonstrates a strong commitment to following the biblical doctrines, and embraced the cause of pedophilia with care. For him does not matter whether the practitioner of pedophilia is an evangelical pastor, priest or a regular citizen; the law will be framed the same way. But what Senator Magno would say if he knew that part of the great biblical heroes were pedophiles? Is that you, dear reader, will know when you finish reading this article.



In the book of Numbers, the fourth book that make up the Pentateuch, we read one of the most absurd stories of the Old Testament. Moses leaves the camp with the priest to receive his victorious army in the war against Midian. Seeing that their “holy” warriors had left women and children alive, became angry and ordered another massacre; now only women who had had sexual intercourse and male children; but girls who had not had relations, their warriors could take them as “wives” [Numbers 31.13-18]. What is the usefulness of these girls if it was not for the sexual abuse?

I invite the reader to travel back in time for the scenario of the event in question and imagine the following:

1 – Women and children [boys and girls] arriving at the camp of Moses tied like animals and frightened in anticipation of what would happen to them;

2 – All the girls watching their mothers and brothers crying, begging for their lives and being wounded by the swords of the “holy” warriors of the Lord;

3 – After all the sight of blood and dead bodies in front of them, they were “taken” by “wives” of the killers of their relatives and friends.

The questions that remain are:

1- Where was God who saw all that Moses commanded, and did nothing to stop him?

2- Why did Jehovah destroy Sodom e Gomorrah because of homossexual rape and not destroyed or punished his pedophile people?

Some people defender of biblical atrocities can claim about the mentality of the era; the same treatment that the Israelis received from other people; that was God who allowed such a massacre, because He knew the future in which every child would become an enemy of His people… blah, blah, blah! Others may argue that these “girls” were not children, because according to Jewish tradition, regarded as adults (members of society) women and men at 12 to 13 years of age, according to the ceremony of transition called Bat Mitzvah for girls and Bar Mitzvah for boys. However, verse 17 of chapter 31 makes clear that there were girls among women, making the separation between “every woman [after 12 years, according to tradition] who cohabited with a man”, from the “girls who have not cohabited with any man” too.

After all, nothing can justify such an atrocity against human beings, regardless of any race, question or religious commandments. And more! God, in this case did not care about the future traumas that girls would have [had] beside the murderers of his people as mere sex slaves and breeders!


09 Sep 1997 --- Man Reading from Prayer Book --- Image by © Rose Eichenbaum/CORBIS

According to the Plenitude Bible Study, the book of Song of Songs does not provide valuable information about your occasion and date. The book presents the passion between a man and a woman [Solomon and Shulamith]; contains descriptions of the woman along with a complete view of your garden products.

“Shulamith help rewrite this history. She performs the dance memorial Mahanaim … When finds her love, she holds him and does not let him go …” [Plenitude Study Bible, P. 660]

In fact, the book of Song of Songs is just the story of a pedophile [Solomon] who has an unhealthy love for a girl [child] called Abishag.

“The Book of Song of songs is a lyric poem, which we find a lot of emphasis on eroticism; that is, emphasis on physical love. It was written in poetic form of singing; it’s a true play, with several characters involved in the plot, dialoguing in form of song. The book’s theme is “love” (8:5-7). It has really beautiful poems of love and eroticism. But the problem is that the pretender of the drama seduces a child. It is of great cultural value for Jews, but there’s something strange in it.” [Gospel Nostalgia Blog] Also it is clear the illicit relationship between the couple, because as you’ll see below, the girl was not married to Solomon and she didn´t have age for marriage! This king was incredibly “wise” as the Bible describes him!

Abishag: The Shunammite!


I introduce to you a little girl who has excelled in religious sermons in all segments Christians. Perhaps her very little popularity in today’s churches is due to its outrageous story related in the book of I Kings and her absurd romance in the book of Song of Songs. Shunammite [or Shulamith] was the name used at the time to call a woman who lived in the city of Shunem – which means “resting place”. Located in the southeast of the Sea of Galilee, between the hills Gilboa and Tabor on the plain of Jezreel – it’s inheritance of the tribe of Isaac. Two women [?] Shunammite were recorded in the Bible. One of them was Abishag [I Kings 1.3].

Abishag was a poor girl, born in Shunem, the tribe of Issachar, who as every child should have dreams and plans for its future. But they were destroyed by the David´s wickedness.

At the age of seventy years, the king can no longer keep warm in his bed, was advised by their physicians [why do not say “perverts”?] to look for a young girl [?] That could transmit the necessary heat. [Which heat could a girl transmit to? Wasn´t there a concubine that warmed that old pervert man?] To this end it was showed the little Abishag, who was one of the most beautiful “women” [girls] in Israel and the king made her his wife without abusing her sexually. I believe that was due to the advanced state of his age, because innocent and respectful that David had absolutely nothing!


After the death of David, Adonijah – fourth child and oldest of the survivors – demanded Abishag in marriage and lost his life for it, because King Solomon – son chosen by David to be his successor – realized in the married proposal intent on the crown. Adonijah aspired to be king before the death of his brother, and had his life spared only on condition of a peaceable. For this, Solomon was angry [I Kings 2:22] and hinted that his brother was being motivated by political purposes, which fell on Adonijah the punishment of death as a traitor [I Kings 2:24-25]. It is curious that because a crown they killed their relatives and they didn´t fear the Jehovah’s commandments, such as: “Do not commit murder” [Ex 20:13].

Was the small Abishag free to follow her life? Absolutely not! She became the mistress of Solomon and her secret life of illusion was just beginning.

Members of a family receive treatment at a hospital after being attacked with acid at their home by unknown gunmen in Kunduz

Members of a family receive treatment at a hospital after being attacked with acid at their home by unknown gunmen in Kunduz November 30, 2011. The motive behind the attack was that the parents refused to wed their eldest daughter to a local warlord, local police reported. REUTERS/ Whadat (AFGHANISTAN – Tags: CRIME LAW)

When the girl began to be “used” sexually by Solomon, we assume that your father [David] was no longer alive, as mentioned above, and his son had become king, including the own book Song of Songs tells how many wives and concubines he had [Song of Songs 6.8]. Solomon began to meet secretly with Abishag in a vineyard he inherited by[8.11], because the girl was inappropriate age to marry and her brothers to protect her from Solomon, send her to take care of the vine away from the Lover view [1.6b]. But Solomon came hidden to the vineyard to seduce her [2:8-10]; they loved each other in her mother´s bed [3:1-4]; she didn´t get married to the king, because they met secretly in the garden [4.16]; Solomon disappear suddenly and didn´t say goodbye, demonstrating that their love was prohibited [5.6];Solomon´s guards mistreated her making it clear that they did not recognize her as one of the king’s wife [5.7] and she was just a girl seduced by him [8.1]; and that her brothers really describe her as a girl who still had no tits [8.8-9].


NOTE: According to Catholic Bible translated from the French Version of the Monks of Maredsous , in a footnote; the term  Shulamith used in Song of  Songs 6:13 [Protestant Bible] and 7.1 [Catholic Bible], means “coming from Sulam, a town of Galilee, formerly called Sunam, the birthplace of Abishag chosen to heat the King David in his last days …” [Bible of the Monks of Maredsous, p. 847, 1958].



According to the Bible, Moses received guidance directly from God [Ex 33.11]. How did God allow the he ordered his warriors to take girls as wives? Didn´t God have no principles? He was so troglodyte as His people? The answer to these questions lies in the simple fact that Moses never received any guidance from God. In fact, he acted as suited him well!

As the Book of Esther, Song of Songs also does not mention the name of God and is not even listed in the group of poetic books of the Hebrew canon. The increase “of Solomon” is not in the original and the plot of this novel seems to be an assembly, because mix part of that love affair with part of other Solomon´s marriages with other wives. We do not know to what extent Abishag participated in the life of King David, but the narration of the book of Kings leaves doubt about its historical veracity. We do know, through the book of Song of Songs that Solomon had an illicit romance with the girl as the result of an unhealthy passion, and why not say pedophile?


I do not expect any Christian theologian agrees with this article, but it would be appropriate for Christians to reflect on their homophobic words and stop judging homosexuality by having the Bible “as basis and foundation”, which was written by ignorant men – like Moses which proved to be a killer and tyrant leader!

The Israelis now show they inherited the practice taught by Moses to exterminate children [Click here]; There are even those who resent [some Christians] with massacres of children displayed in the media today [Click here]; But they silent completely before deaths and children abuses described in the Bible; the book they proclaim themselves and consider “The Word of God!”

Andrea Foltz


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